How Bella got pregnant and other questions about Twilight, finally explained

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you’ve probably heard of The Twilight Saga. This series of young adult novels, followed by movies starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, became one of the most successful franchises in history – with some of the most loyal fans in the world. But you can’t write such an elaborate fantasy saga like Twilight, without making readers wonder about some things.

Fans were left with some unanswered questions about the saga, and one question in particular – how did Edward, a vampire, manage to get human Bella pregnant in Breaking Dawn? It seems impossible, but apparently there’s a simple explanation to that. We’re here to give you the full answer to this question, as well as some other things that have been bothering fans for years now.

Why is it called Twilight anyway?

Many people spent years of their lives either obsessing about Twilight, or making fun of it. Regardless of what side you’re actually on, have you ever stopped to wonder why the franchise was called Twilight in the first place? Well, apparently there was quite a bit of debating before choosing the title.

The first book of the saga was actually named Forks at first – not a great title. Stephenie Meyer’s agent advised her to change the title, so they tried to come up with a better one – and Twilight was one of the “atmosphere words” sent between the two. Stephenie admits it isn’t the perfect title, but she also isn’t sure there’s a better one out there.

Is Bella really anti-feminist?

Our most natural response to this would be – yes, she is. There has been quite a lot of criticism about the nature of Bella’s character, since she often seems to make foolish choices – like going out with someone who regularly stalks her, or throwing her entire life away for a guy. She often comes across as a damsel in distress. But Meyer doesn’t believe Bella is anti-feminist at all.

In fact, she believes that feminism is defined by a woman’s ability to choose for herself – even if these choices make her look weak. However, being told what you can’t or cannot choose is the opposite of feminism. And we have to admit, she does have a solid point there.

How come some powers affect Bella, and some don’t?

If you’re at all familiar with the saga, you probably know Bella has powers of her own – a mental shield. This is the reason Edward can’t read her mind (even though he can read everyone else’s), and why she’s immune to Jane’s methods of torture. This power becomes heightened when Bella becomes a vampire, allowing her to protect other people using her shield.

However, Bella doesn’t seem to be immune to Alice or Jasper’s powers. Why? Edward’s powers, as well as Aro’s and Jane’s, work on a mental level. Jane doesn’t inflict pain on people’s bodies, but on their minds. Jasper, on the other hand, physically changes pulse rate or endorphin levels in people’s bodies, and Alice’s powers don’t mess with the mind either.

Why do Jasper and Rosalie have the same last name?

Not all the Cullens actually have the last name Cullen – Rosalie and Jasper’s last name is Hale. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, we have the answer for you. The lovable vampire family has been trying to blend in with humans for decades, and their cover story is that Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, Emmett, and Edward were all adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen.

But since Rosalie is dating Emmett, and Jasper is dating Alice – it would be pretty creepy if they were all named Cullen (actually, it’s pretty creepy as it is, when you think about it). So Rosalie kept her last name, and Jasper – who’s supposedly her twin brother – took it as well.

Why didn’t Carlisle suck the venom out when James bit Bella?

In Twilight, James hunts down Bella, and despite Edward’s best efforts to protect her – she ends up sacrificing herself to save her mother. James bites Bella, which starts the harrowing process of changing her intro a vampire, but Edward doesn’t want Bella’s soul to be condemned, so he sucks the venom out.

Since Bella’s blood “sings” to Edward, he’s unsure whether he’d be able to stop himself from draining her. So many fans questioned – why doesn’t just Carlisle, the self-control king, suck the venom out? Well, the answer is he’d rather leave that decision up to Edward, and won’t make it for him.

Was Edward really there in Bella’s New Moon visions?

This one is a bit confusing. In New Moon – the second installment in which Edward leaves and breaks the hearts of millions of teenagers all over the world – Bella sees visions of Edward. These visions appear every time she’s about to do something dangerous or reckless, so she does these things on purpose to see him (have we mentioned she makes poor choices?).

Some fans wondered whether Edward was really there, somehow mentally connected to Bella in these visions. It wouldn’t be the most unrealistic thing in this saga, that’s for sure. But Stephenie Meyer says that’s just Bella’s powerful subconscious trying to stop her from making bad decisions. She also wrote that if Edward actually saw Laurent’s encounter with Bella where he tried to kill her, he would’ve made a return.

How come Bella is suddenly in love with Jacob in Eclipse?

Fans were pretty outraged when in Eclipse, Bella declared she was in love with both Edward and her best friend, Jacob. This love triangle wasn’t exactly a secret, but they never expected Bella to actually be in love with the shirtless werewolf. It also seemed pretty sudden to some, but Stephenie Meyer says it happened much before.

Bella didn’t fall in love with Jacob during Eclipse, but during New Moon – when Edward left and she had a lot of time to bond with Jacob. In Eclipse, when she was scared for Jacob who was going into battle, she admitted her feelings toward him, and kissed him. But with that kiss, she also made her choice to be with Edward. Well, at least he gave it the old college try.

Why can’t female vampires have babies?

Long before Breaking Dawn was published, Stephenie Meyer was asked whether vampires could have children or not. According to the author, she focused on the female part when answering the question, because she knew she was planning to have Bella pregnant at some point. She answered the question saying female vampires cannot get pregnant, because their bodies can no longer change.

They don’t have a menstrual cycle, nor do their bodies expand to fit a growing baby. This is the reason Rosalie wishes she were human, and advocates for Bella to stay human even though she wishes to become a vampire. She’d always dreamed of having children, and once she was changed, she couldn’t. This leads us to the most popular question asked – how did Edward manage to impregnate Bella?

How did Edward get Bella pregnant?

Edward is a vampire, and it’s known that vampires are cold as stone, and have no blood flowing through their bodies. So it’s understandable why so many fans asked themselves how on earth he could’ve gotten Bella pregnant. Last time we checked, getting someone pregnant requires blood flow, and some bodily fluids. Apparently, Stephenie Meyer, approached this question a long time ago, and posted the answer to her official website – we hope you’re sitting down for this.

Meyer says vampires are like regular humans in some circumstances (such as cloudy days). And although their skin is hard like marble, their body contains a variety of “venom-based fluids”, which allow for the bodily functions required for baby-making activities. These fluids are “closely related to seminal fluids” and have genetic information that can interact with that of humans. And just like that, you’ve got yourself a little hybrid bun in the oven.

What kind of name is Renesmee?

When it came time to name Edward and Bella’s hybrid baby, Stephenie Meyer knew she couldn’t name it a regular, human name. We can’t really imagine their daughter being called Britney or Nicole, so we have to agree with that line of thought. While she did try to look over baby names, she eventually decided she would have to invent her own name.

Meyer also said she wouldn’t encourage people to get that creative when naming their children. “I would never name a real child Renesmee,” she said. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?) this did not stop dozens of people from naming their daughters Renesmee, after the adorable little girl in the series.

How did Bella control herself so well as a newborn?

It’s a known fact in the Twilight universe that newborn vampires are savage, hard to control, blood-thirsty little monsters. So how come when Bella was turned into one, she could control herself just fine around people? Not once did she try to pounce on an unsuspecting human. Jasper, however, who’s been a vampire for quite some time, wasn’t able to control himself when Bella got that paper-cut in New Moon.

Meyer explains this by saying Bella was the only one who actually know what to expect going into it, so she was prepared for the task. She’s also very stubborn by nature, which apparently helps her keep her fangs to herself.

Why wasn’t there a battle at the end?

Think about it. What would have happened if the Cullens and the rest of the clans would’ve gone to war with the Volturi? As strong as they are, they wouldn’t have a fighting chance. Most chances are, there would have been many, many casualties.

And while other authors have no problem with killing off important and popular characters (we’re looking at you, George R. R. Martin), Meyer isn’t about that. She confessed to be a “happy-ending girl,” which means she wanted to steer clear of a Hamlet kind of ending, where everyone dies. So she decided to take the battle on a mental level, making it more of a mind game.

What is “Life and Death”, and what is “Midnight Sun”?

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined is just what is sounds like. It’s basically a Twilight reboot, only with a gender swap. Instead of Bella, we have Beau Swan – a male teenager who moves in with his father in Forks. Instead of Edward, there’s Edythe Cullen. Published in 2015, the book received a lot of criticism for being, well, the exact same book as Twilight.

The Yorker even went as far as saying the “stench of a quick money-making scheme was quite potent.” Midnight Sun is an earlier project of Meyer’s, and it tells the story of Twilight (yes, again), from Edward’s point of view. Since parts of it were leaked online, she decided to stop working on it – but she still gets questions about it from fans who wish she would finish it. Did we really need more versions of Twilight? Probably not.

Is Forks a real place?

Yes, Forks is a real place in Clallam County, Washington – and it does have a pretty slim population of only 3,783 people (as of 2016). Stephenie Meyer visited the small town in 2004, and found little difference between the Forks (and La Push) she imagined and the real one.

Ever since Twilight came out, the city has been getting a lot of tourism, and there are tours available around Forks. However, the films weren’t filmed there, but mainly in Portland and Vancouver.

Once and for all – is Bella pretty or not?

Bella is described in the books as pretty plain looking, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a heart-shaped face (much like Stephenie Meyer herself). However, she’s constantly chased around by boys who want to date her – whether supernatural or human. So what’s the deal?

Meyer was asked about this, and said that Bella is the shiny new toy in Forks high. The author also described a similar personal experience. When she attended high school in Scottsdale, Arizona, she was considered “mousy.” However, when she went to college in Provo, Utah, she was suddenly getting a lot more attention from the boys.

How did James know Edward was a mind reader?

When James, Victoria, and Laurent come across the Cullens as they’re playing baseball in the woods, James seems to be aware of Edward’s mind reading abilities. But how? Well, Laurent was later revealed to be the mate of Irina from the Denali clan – which are pretty tight with the Cullens.

In the books, it’s told that her sister Tanya was good friends with Edward as well. Laurent assumably told James of the vampires who possess powers in Forks, before they arrived.

Why don’t the Cullens always sparkle in the sun?

In Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight universe, it’s known that vampires sparkle in the sun. It’s the general reason they avoid sun exposure – because they don’t want to reveal themselves. That’s why the Cullens choose to live in Forks, which has many rainy days and fewer sunny ones.

However, many people noted that, at the beginning of Twilight, the Cullens walk to school when it’s sunny, and they don’t sparkle. This is because vampires need to be directly in the rays of the sun to sparkle – a sunny day isn’t enough.

Why did Edward go all the way to Volterra to expose himself?

When Edward wanted to end his life after breaking up with Bella (pretty dark, we know), he opted to go to Volterra and expose himself to the sun. But why didn’t he just pick a fight with another vampire, or with werewolves, to get himself killed?

Well, he just didn’t want to cause any trouble, or bring revenge upon his family or Bella. The Volturi, who are responsible for enforcing the vampire law, would undoubtedly off him once he sparkled in the sun – a clear offense, since it reveals the existence of vampires to the world.

How come Jasper went crazy over Bella’s paper cut?

Sure, Jasper is the youngest vampire in the Cullen clan, so he’s most susceptible to human blood. But this doesn’t explain why he went so uncontrollably mad for Bella’s blood, when she got a paper cut in New Moon.

After all, he went to high school with plenty of other kids who probably occasionally got themselves hurt. Paper cuts are pretty common in school, last we checked. But as it says in the books, Bella’s blood “sings” to Edward, and it’s implied that it smells better than other people’s to all vampires.

Did Bella just flashback to Edward after seeing a body?

In the first installment of the saga, Bella gets a look at Waylon’s body sticking from under the sheet, and immediately has a flashback to Edward. Why the flashback, you ask? This is because seeing the corpse makes Bella remember how cold Edward’s touch feels, and how pale his skin actually is.

It’s starting to seep in that Edward is, in fact, a vampire – which means he’s not among the living, but resembles more of the dead.

How do the Cullens make money?

It’s suggested that the Cullens are pretty much set when it comes to money. In fact, they’re filthy rich. So if they all attend high school, how do they actually make a living – besides Carlisle’s paycheck as a doctor?

The Cullens, including Edward, are invested in real estate, and some of them have started their own companies – like Alice’s design company. It’s also said that Alice has the ability to foresee trends in the stock market, although this explanation is pretty strange, since her visions are subjective to people’s decisions – something the stock market is heavily based on.

What’s with the apple on the cover?

Some fans wondered whether there was a meaning to the apple on the cover of the book, as well as its use in the film – when Edward and Bella are in the cafeteria. To Meyer, the apple represents choice.

She says she loves how symbolic it is – it represents the knowledge between good and evil, which is exactly what Bella winds up with. It’s also reminiscent of the apple from Snow White – take one bite and you’re frozen forever, just like a vampire.

Who is the hunter in the first scene?

In the beginning, there’s a scene where a deer is being chased and captured by an unknown creature. Many viewers questioned who the hunter in this scene actually is. In the preface of the book, there is a hunter mentioned – who later turns out to be James, who hunts Bella.

But the opening scene could go either way – it could be James, but it makes more sense for it to be Edward. While he feeds on animal blood to avoid human blood, he’s still a dangerous predator. He’s the lion, and Bella the lamb.

What’s all that obsession about Bella’s ‘virtue’?

If there’s one thing Twilight is known for, is having plenty of pent-up teen angst. But why does Edward keep refusing Bella’s advances towards him until they marry? She’s an independent woman, she can sleep with whomever she wants, right?

Well, you have to remember Edward is a century old vampire – one who hasn’t dated anyone in a long time. And if he can’t keep Bella’s soul protected – as she pretty much forces him to change her into a vampire – he wants to at least protect her “virtue” until then. Old fashioned, but that’s Edward for you.

Does it have Mormon themes?

Another explanation to themes revolving around abstinence, marriage, and pregnancy, is the fact that Stephenie Meyer herself is a Mormon. Some experts have even said Mormon themes are laced into the plot.

Although the author admits her faith has inevitably influenced her writing, she doesn’t consciously promote these beliefs. She feels that her faith makes her characters have a better sense of where they’re coming from, and that her writing wouldn’t be “graphic or dark” because of who she is.